Make $14,000 for only 5 minutes per day

Sounds good heh?

$14,000 for only 5 minutes per day. Must be a scam!

Nup – easy. Here is how:

Make your own lunch.

When you go to work, what do you pay for lunch? I can’t buy lunch for less than $5.

If I make my own, I pay around $1 for bread, sandwich fillers and some fruit.

So, with about $4 of savings per day, and 48 working weeks per year that means we can save around $960 per year by spending 5 minutes per day.

But… how do you get $14,000?

Simple – compound interest.

Lets assume a few things:

1. No inflation – my lunch has been about $5 to buy for the last 10 years or so – food goes up a bit but not hugely. Let’s ignore inflation to simplify the maths.

2. We cannot get our $960 per year – it’s just too hard. So assume we can only save $800 per year.

3. We can invest our $800 at 10% return. We should be able to better than that, but let’s aim low.

Then, saving $800 per year for 10 years, compounding at 10%, and only tipping in the savings once per year we get:

10 year saving = $800 * (1.1^10 + 1.1^9 + 1.1^8 + … + 1.1^2 + 1.1)

or… $800 * 17.53 = $14024

Imagine – money for nothing!

Now… are you married or partnered, or have children? Want to make more money?


If there are two of you and you both do it you save $28,000 over the 10 years. With children, just keep on multiplying that $14K number…

Why 10 years? Why not 20? Most people have a working life of 30 to 40 years… Well, if thats what turns you on, go and calculate it – you’ll be stunned at the results. I’ve used 10 years because it is a nice round number, and a realistic timeframe.

By the way – that 5 minutes per day adds up to 12,000 minutes over the 10 years, which is 200 hours. So the effective rate of pay for your 5 minutes per day is 14,000 / 200 = $70 per hour. You have to be a VERY high flyer to earn that.

So why don’t more people take their own lunch to work????

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