Port Douglas – Christmas 2005

My sister-in-law made Creme Caramel:

‘Twas hot, but the boys transformed into fish and spent many hours in the pool:

Christmas lunch is nearly ready to go:

Walking along Four-mile beach at Port Douglas:

Sand Crabs in the beach:

Dramatic clouds and sun:

From the lookout, looking down over Port Douglas and four-mile beach:

A different lookout this time, looking back to where the Daintree River enters the sea:

Found this huge butterfly – the wingspan would be about 20cm from wing-tip to wing-tip:

Rainforest… birds-nest fern:

The beach at Cape Tribulation:

Strange flower on a tree:

Baby Cassowary, Cape Tribulation:

This is a Rhinoceros beetle – it is about 10cm long, found (alive and kicking) on the footpath of the main street in Port Douglas:

Feeding Cassowaries at Hartleys Crocdile farm:

And a bunch of crocs, again at Hartleys:

This little chap was on the garage wall when we came back from dinner one night:

Great effect one morning… with the sun behind the clouds:

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