Paris and Poo

The French and their dogs are inseperable, and especially in Paris.

Which is fine, but there are a few things you notice that are different to home.

Firstly, the poo. People in central Paris live in apartments, and their dogs live with them. Whilst there are parks where doggies can be taken, the dogs are taken any and everywhere, and on the roads and footpaths they can crap where and when they like. When walking around in Paris, watch where you stick your feet (aaaarrrgghhhh – that’s a pun!!). Generally the day-old turds are not a problem, but this is simply because somebody else has already done the honour of spreading the shite around. Thin layers tend not to be picked up so easily. And it rains so much that after a few days it’s all gone anyway. But watch the hell out for the fresh ones!

And secondly, the dogs go into restaurants, cafes, supermarkets. You stop noticing it after a while. One of notable times though, was in Grenoble. We didn’t eat out a great deal, perhaps that helped to make it the more noticable. That and being the table next to us. A couple came in with their dog and were seated. The owner / waiter came and fussed around, handed out menus and such like. He then enquired of the dog – was it a male or female? Would it like water? Shortly after he was back bearing a large bowl of appropriate colour which was placed formally in front of the dog, who was addressed as “Monsieur”. The dog was extremely well behaved throughout, through obviously hungry. Never mind, the owners fed him bits from the table.

Hygene Laws!?! Pfft!


Aww everyone’s been to Paris except me! Same in Austria and Switzerland, dogs everywhere but I didn’t notice poo much. Hell I have a labrador inside so hygeines gone out the window at home anyway! Builds the resistence I say!

Comment by Baino | November 8th, 2008 5:25 am | Permalink

I wonder what kind of searches are going to lead people to your site with a blog title as this one?

I’d like a happy blend – strict poo-pick up laws to keep the streets clean, but I’d *love* to be able to take Milly with me on the bus and to a cafe. Not sure if she’d be able to sit at a table as a human guest though – far too licky!

Comment by Kath Lockett | November 10th, 2008 12:27 pm | Permalink

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