Internet TV

When staying in Paris, the apartment we were in had over 200 TV channels.

The whole lot were delivered using ADSL internet TV with a router and set-top box plugged into a standard TV.

Response time on some channel changes was typically 10 to 20 seconds – a bit slow but acceptable.

We saw advertisements in the Paris Metro for the deal:

- 39 Euro / month

- 28 MBit/sec ADSL

- at least 200 TV channels delivered through the ADSL

- and your mobile phone bundled as well

Which all goes to show how we are ripped off in Australia for broadband (and the lousy crap uses to which it can be put when you have it). Also a reflection of what you can offer with the scale that comes from a high population density.

The deal was also not quite as good as it first seemed. Where we were staying, at least 50% of the channels were pay-extra-to-watch-me. There was a simple system of authorising the extra charge to your account, and fees for a movie and some channels were typically 3 to 5 euro (about A$5 to 8).

Most of what was on was utter crap. Even foreign sourced shows, movies, documentaries or series were all dubbed into French. No leaving the soundtrack as-is and using subtitles like SBS do here. A classic case “47 channels and nothing on”.

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…or ‘57 channels and nothin’ on’ as Bruce Springsteen sang….

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