Investing and Speculating

Investing and speculating… two highly loaded terms.

“Investing” carries with it a tone of gentrified dignity.

“Speculating” has a feel of the gambler or the spiv.

You will find frequent mention of “investors”, often in the financial pages of the newspapers, and frequently in those large advertisements trying to entice you into paying the ransom of a minor principalilty to go on “a home trading investment course”, with sure-fire rules where nobody loses and everybody makes a motza on the markets. Yawn. Yeah, right.

A speculator does not know much, or care much, about what they tip their money into. In today, out tomorrow, don’t worry what it is, just find a bigger mug. Buy low, sell high ( yeah – like the bottom and top are SOOOOOO obvious).

Every share trader is a speculator. If they try to convince you they are an investor, consider gently correcting them, but walk away.

The investor has a different mind-set. Investors are in for the long haul, thinking carefully, listening, evaluating, and placing their money somewhere with a heart-felt conviction. Investors don’t have stop-loss orders, don’t worry about the price in the markets going up and down. Investors make their decisions, tip in their money, and don’t worry, happy in the knowledge that by doing nothing their wisely chosen purchases will rise in value over a long, long period of time.

A specualtor is a gambler. An investor is a thinker.

Wanna know why so many speculators call themselves investors? Go back to the start… “investor” sounds good. Speculator sounds a bit dodgy…

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