Made in Heaven…

Take a moment and think of the really great marriages,  those that lasted the test of time, those that just worked.

Who knows why they worked – many reasons perhaps.

But that brings me to something special. A special marriage, perhaps even heavenly. Something that Just Works.

Of course, you should have guessed it by now: Chocolate and Ginger. More specifically, Dark Chocolate and Ginger.

When you can find such beasties, and the finding can be difficult, they seem to come in two major varieties:

- Dark Chocolate with Ginger; and

- Ginger with Dark Chocolate.

Now before you leap about arguing semantics, it’s actually pretty straightforward, the distinction is merely how much ginger you have. A good example of Ginger with chocolate is the Jakes Candy stuff from Queensland. Big lumps of glace ginger covered in a nice hard dark chocolate.

Yes it comes in great big blocksOn the other hand, a few clever New Zealanders have discovered there is more to life than sheep. Whittakers chocolate is available in Woolworths, and its no too bad at all.

My current victim is Whittakers Spicy Ginger Block – in a nice big 250 g pack so you don’t need to keep making trips back to the supermarket.

So what’s right and wrong?

On the right side, the chocolate is dark, hard, and slightly bitter. Unlike that soft squishy milky rubbish, this needs a good sharp smack to break it. And it melts very slowly, leaving the ginger behind. Also on the right side, it comes packed in a sturdy paper wrapping. Unlike so many makers that use a very thin foil that tears letting the crumbs spread over your lap or through the keyboard, this one takes a lot of punishment.

One the wrong side – well not much really. The name is a bit naff.


I must be spoilt here in NQ. Since you mentioned the particular brand you preferred, which is sold by a small outfit only at regional shows (and consequently can’t be readily obtained from a local chokkie supplier), I have been made aware of the stuff. Now I really like ginger, but chocolate has only occasionally been on my list of favorites, so I normally would not go out of my way for these critters. I now realise that there must be at least 20 different varieties of dark-chocolate coated ginger you can get here – from crisp versions to fat blobs that really kick. You’ll have to make the trek someday.

Comment by Don | August 27th, 2008 9:48 am | Permalink

Nice one, I’ve enjoyed a few of these bad boys myself. I love ginger and dark, but sometimes find Whittakers chocolate to be a bit grainy. Love the photo by the keyboard – at the poota is the world’s best place for eating chocolate, one whole row at a time.

….If I could persuade the revamped Cadbury Old Gold to pop in some chunks of ginger I’d be happy…

Comment by Kath Lockett | August 27th, 2008 12:33 pm | Permalink

I found your pictures of Ted and I swear he looks identical to the kitten we found Dec 07 (under a bush btw) which we named Bailey. Let me know if you want some pictures :)

Comment by Sarah | August 30th, 2008 3:03 am | Permalink

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