In November 2007 there was the dawning of a new age:The age of the ex-Howard, the beginning of a time when the lies and deceit were finished and a new enlightenment was cast upon the land. And the people of the land looked about and were happy to see the ex-Abbott, the unsmug-Costello, and the croaking-toad-of-Downer. In spite of some of them still being in Canberra, and still getting their ugly mugs on the daily television, we all knew they were a spent force, marking time, and that now things would be different.

We felt the attraction, power and sheer nerdiness of Kevin07, the little blond man who could do no wrong, speak no ill. Who brought with him a new broom of honesty, integrity and accountability.

Like buying a new car, we were in love with the image. We had an emotional attachment. Like the new car when something expensive goes wrong, it was still a new car, and still good. Little by little though, as more and more goes wrong with the fantastic new car, the attraction begins to fade. Those expensive repairs change the feeling of the shiny car from good to passable, and then to lemon.

And so it is with Kevin07. The man who made national pride, for better or worse, by an apology to the aborigines, something the Howard would never do.

Starting on a high… perhaps the only way from then is down.

Since that high we’ve had the Kevin making pronouncements on the lower lakes of the Murray River: “evidence of climate change”. Bullshit Kevin. Evidence of a lack of rain and a systematic over-allocation to irrigation upstream, in states controlled by your party.

Along the way, the emissions trading scheme which will increase the cost of everything we buy and everything we do in this country, a sure recipe to send the last remaining vestiges of manufacturing offshore.

And then, off to inspect the Great Barrier Reef to look at coral bleaching, again, “evidence of climate change”. Bullshit again, Kevin. The scare-mongers have been harping on about coral bleaching for the last 30 years. Evidence of run-off from too much agricultural fertisler in your home state, more likely.

Like the shiny new car, as things go wrong, the realistation slowly dawns that it’s no longer good, it’s a lemon. And so it is with Kevin and the new Labor Government.

Folks, we might have removed one set of lies and deceit, but we elected another set.

We elected a lemon.


They’re all tarred with the same brush, I’m afraid. A truly inspirational leader seems to be a very rare beast these days.

As for the lame excuse of ‘climate change’ ( and the way Kevvy rolls it off his tongue leaves no doubt in my mind that they are only words – a convenient phrase).

Comment by Don | July 28th, 2008 11:49 am | Permalink

I think the problem is no matter who you vote for you get a politician.

As Billy Connolly says wanting to be a politician should automatically disqualify you from being one.

I’m not disappointed because I never believed, so I have no illusions about what we’ve got here.

Comment by Kathy | July 28th, 2008 5:50 pm | Permalink

Change, mercifully, takes place very slowly. The last man who tried to do it quickly was Gough Whitlam and he did only last one term.
Kevin made all the right noises before the election to satisfy the bleating and blood letting media who like nothing better than reporting a nice crucification so that they can then bleat about the poor tastes of the masses. Bah, humbug!
And now he’s in, Kevin 07 has the necessary laws before us for discussion and judgment. This is all part of living in a mature democracy where change generally takes place slowly after a lot of breast beating and noise. The trick is in learning to distinguish between useful signal and background noise and here I’m afraid the media is less than helpful.
And science, instead of impartially weighing the facts has become a participant as it keeps all those lovely grants coming.
I’m comforted by the thought that martyrs are few and far between especially in politics so there will be appropriate back pedalling and many feet shuffles before we move off in a slightly differnt direction SLOWLY.

Comment by Dad | July 28th, 2008 9:26 pm | Permalink

“Hi Wally, thanks for your comments on the banality that is Baino. I’m afraid, I’m still a fence-sitter with the old Kev but agree totally about being the world’s mine. Probably made even more so by the only Mandarin speaking Western leader leaching our resources to one of the world’s worst human rights abusers whilst we hear about economic growth but suffer increasing inflation. Don’t get me started on the carbon emissions trading . . amazing what a commercial entity the environment is becoming when it’s actually very simple . .take care of it . .warming or not! Where are the sound policies on water conservation, salinity reduction, appropriate irrigation, genetic modification, alternative fuels? .nup we’re gonna waste a shit load of funds on a desalination. Oh that’s right we’ve got a gyrating parochial rock star for an Environment minister! Hey! We all got a piddly tax cut! Fwooarr!”

Comment by Baino | July 30th, 2008 8:22 am | Permalink

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