A couple of months ago, the SWMBO and I spent a happycrappy Saturday morning trying to find me a new pair of shoes.

This all came about because Rivers dropped one of their catalogues through the junk-mail-inbox, and I finally decided to give them a go. So orf to Rivers.

Now I don’t know if every Rivers store is like the one close to us – a “clearance” store. But in this store there are no staff, apart from the one on the checkout taking yer money. Everything is rack-em-and-stack-em to the ceiling. The shoes were all over the place, just finding a PAIR was difficult. The weird thing was, I was eventually able to find a pair where the right fitted fine, but do you think I could get the left shoe on? Not a hope. The lack of a PERSON to help out, the self-promoting advertising on endless loop, and not finding anything to fit… not a good start. Slightly pissed orf, chaps.

From there, we found another place flogging shoes, another “discount” operation. This place had commercial radio – SA-FM or something like that blasting loud enough to shake my ribcage. Talk about inane chatter. No wonder I don’t listen to commercial radio. 20 minutes of that and if I still had the will to live, I’d be taking pleasure in poking my eyes out with a fork.

Eventually, born of desperation and a desire not to come home empty-handed, I found a pair of plain black business shoes. Dammit though, the right fits fine, but the left….

I’ve never had this trouble before, and the old shoes fit just fine.

There must be something about modern shoe makers, left shoes are all a size smaller. Some strange conspiracy to mess with the minds of us shoe-wearing public.

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maybe one of your feet has umm, matured faster than the other :)

Comment by Daniel | July 28th, 2008 1:24 pm | Permalink

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