Geez you sometimes have days like this

It’s been a lousy, crappy 24 hours.

Things started with a call from a bunch where I do a bit of volunteer work: “The server has crashed. What do we do?”

Over the phone… from what they read out… I had no idea. A trip in was needed after work. Two hours of farting around trying to get disks checked and repaired… fiddling around with a RAID mirror set (geek speak)… finally it seemed to be on the mend.

About 8pm, just as this was nearing being sorted out, the phone call: “I’m at the vets with Spike, he’s been hit. Can you pick up the chaps from Kung Fu.” Oh shit. Errr… maybe. Shortly after, the next call, “fractured skull, bleeding, head injuries. He’s breathing but has no chance of surviving, he has to be put down.” Double shit.

So while SWMBO was rushing back and forward to the vet, picking the guys up, getting home, telling the chaps… I rushed and got home as fast as I could to the stunned family.

Eventually we managed to get fed, watered, to bed. The fellas, distraught. The mum and dad not much better. While that’s all fraught, I still had to finish the repair job. Doing it by the magic of remote control helped but it was still midnight before that was complete.

Today I took the chaps and we collected Spike from the vet, then dug a hole under his favourite tree out the back and buried him. It’s probably best that the chaps helped do this, it’s easier to see it’s final.

Spike has been a gentle and fun part of our family for only 18 months, but he’s one of the nicest, friendliest cats we could have wished for, and we will all miss him terribly.

Then… the craziness…

Looking across the fence into our frontI had to go outside and round the side of the house, next to the neighbour and round where we have rear access. That’s when I found some of the shrubs in the garden smashed up at crazy angles, and great lumps of the side fence missing, or smashed into mud and puddles of slush. And a garden centre delivery truck, stuck in the neighbours place leaning on the fence.

What the heck?!?!

Time to call the garden centre. Spoke to the operations manager who knew all about it.

Seems like yesterday, the neighbours gave access for THEIR neighbours who wanted to get a truck load of gravel in. The truck turned up in the rain and got part way down the hill to where he had to go before the driver decided it was all too slippery, so he baled out. In trying to drive up the hill and out, he got stuck. So they called in a 4WD digger to pull him out. The digger got stuck and slithered around, smashed down the fence and stopped less than a metre from sliding through our house. The only way the digger stopped was to put the bucket down and dig into the ground. So then they called in a fully loaded articulated truck to pull out the digger that was trying to pull out the truck.

Eventually they got the digger out and gave up and left the truck.

With our other crises last night we were not around for them to come and see us to tell us what had been going on – then I came across it after lunch.

Truck extractionThis afternoon they turned up with another huge digger, this time, the guys doing the work were the supervisor and a relative. They seemed to know what they were doing.

Mind you, I was so concerned by all this that I got the boys out of the house and we went and stood some distance away. If it had gone wrong we would have been demolished and though it seems a bit paranoid now, it was a heck of a worry.

Now thats a diggerSo the truck is pulled out, there is mud and crap all over the road, the fence is down and we have mud and grot all over the place. They have said, over and over, that they will be back to fix all the damage (both for us and next door – who were only doing a favour.)

This is the second time somebody has tried to take out our house. Wondering if it might be time to get some Armco Railing.

May tomorrows troubles be small ones.


Bummer Wally.. may Spike rest in peace.

What an eventful 24 hours.. take a day off! Work can wait.

Cheers, Dunc.

Comment by Duncan Margetts | July 9th, 2008 8:22 am | Permalink

Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about Spike… There’s nothing like a much-loved family pet… they’re so important in their contribution towards family life and he sounded like such a little character.

Get the fence. But give yourself a ‘flex day’ off first. Get out of the house and do something fun with SWMBO and the boys.

Comment by MillyMoo | July 9th, 2008 9:47 am | Permalink

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