Some facts about me

Drat. Don’t like web-games much. But I’ve been tagged by the delightful Kath for ANOTHER of them damn me-me-me thingies.

What the hell.

What was I doing 10 years ago?

Hmm… 1998… not sure when that was, can’t remember.

Ah yes. The dark days. Working for a defence contracting company, designing really cool neat stuff for some ingrates who didn’t know, didn’t care, didn’t want what we made because it was not made in the USA. Mega stress, long hours, a budget too small, management by schedule and nowt else. Ah the joys of working in technology! Even more the joys of working for ignorant boof-heads.

Youngest wee gennelman would have been about 2, and the oldest about 5.

Five snacks I enjoy in a perfect, non weight-gaining world

In no particular order:

1. Lindt dark chocolate 70%

2. Lindt dark chocolate 85%

3. A wee glass of red

4. Chocolate chip biscuits but only with LOTS of chocolate chips

5. Ice cream, or maybe anzac biccies, or perhaps a lump of roast chook, or a wee slice off a freshly cooked roast leg of lamb, or oh hell almost anything really. So long as it’s not Brussel Sprouts.

Five snacks I enjoy in the real world:

Err. See above. Though the tum has begun to show it, AND I don’t have the appetite I used to, so these days they are all in much reduced amounts. Moderation begins at 40.

And besides now I have two teenage liddle gennemen who eat the way I used to. So they can have the snacks instead (except the red ned) and I’ll just make do with a glass of water.

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire:

1. Pay off the debts!

2. Go see a bit more of the world. Travel first class (I can’t stand long trips in cattle class) and staying one or two stars up from the flea-pit hotels. Not worry about the cost. Enjoy it, in the happy knowledge that my profligacy makes employment for others and is thus socially responsible and slightly lefty.

3. Go to work and have fun and not be afraid to tell jerks to f&^% off. And if it got too much, then f%#& off myself to somewhere and something that I like doing.

4. Smile more.

5. Find some really truly worthwhile causes, set up endowment funds for them so they can live off the earnings and make sure the buggers can never get their grubby mits on the capital. What cause? Hmmm… hard one… something very pragmatically pale green.

Five jobs that I have had:

1. Gardener, tree-water-er, weed puller-er and grass cutter-er.

2. Maker of the chook-machine and co-writer of the pig program. (ha ha bet that has you wondering what the heck that was all about).

3. Junior Boffin and writer of learned papers for technical journals and do-er of things so secret that if I told you I’d have to shoot you.

4. Boffin and techno-thingier for a big defence company and do-er of even more secret things that nobody much wanted :(

5. (And now) Boffin and techno-thingier and inventor and guy-who-writes patents for a company doing neat stuff that gives people cool things in their houses and, when used correctly, reduces electricity consumption.

Three of my habits:

1. Worrying too much

2. Trying to do too much (a 30 hour day would be about right) and always feeling tired

3. Getting cranky about untidiness but knowing I’m a terrible hypocrite. One look at my desk tells the story.

Five places I have lived:

1. Highbury. North East suburbs of Adelaide. Growing up territory. Roamed far and wide on foot or by bicycle. Came home when hungry. Got schooled. Went to uni for 5 years. Got a few degrees. Swot. Scraped in, scraped through.

2. St Peters, Adelaide. Moved out of home into a flat. Memories: COLD. NOISY. If not the religious nut downstairs, it was the dog on the tennis court of Mr and Mrs Nob next door, yapping at 2 am. Total zombie from lack of sleep. Saved from insanity by earplugs.

3. Klemzig. Moved to small unit, bought on two mortgages with SWMBO when we were both young and foolish. Before marriage. Gasp, horrors. Married young, by modern standards. Lived there for 5 or so years. Sold privately and saved a motza on agents fees. No debt for a massive 2 months! Until progress payments to the builder sorted that out.

4. Birdwood, Adelaide Hills. House sitting a small farm for 5 months. In theory while the House-Of-The-Walrus-Family was being built. Ha ha. Birdwood through a wet winter. Cold. Cold. Cold. Damn cold. Wet. Did I mention cold? Up every morning to feed hay to the cows, and smash the layer of ice that had formed over the water dish for the chooks. Walking dog in the rain at night. Ice on the fences by 10 pm. Vast amounts of driving… over the hills and far away. (And thence… back to Mum and Dads… for 2 weeks that turned into 6 months while the builders spent three lifetimes on constructing the Walrus Pen.)

5. Outer Bogansville. Side of a hill. Northern suburbs, just near the massive Golden Grove development (but not part of it thank heavens). Moved into a just-completed house. Concrete floors for 7 years. Sheets on the windows for 5 years. Cold in winter. Stinking hot in summer. Windy as all hell in November. Interest rates at 17.5%. Spent the next 8 years building and landscaping. Learned to lay bricks. Built 7 retaining walls. Laid thousands of pavers. Mixed about 100 tonnes of concrete. Planted hundreds of trees. Dug huge lotsa holes. Filled them in again. Had a coupla liddle chillens. Survived the neighbour from hell. Survived a number of The Evil Ones. Gonna leave in a pine box.

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Nice one, Wally.

You KNOW I’m going to ask – ‘maker of the chook machine and co-writer for the pig program’ ??? Surely that’s a future blog article???

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