Water… more water…

Finally we have bit of rain in lil-ole Adelaide.

Which reminds me, that water bill came in the other day. Our 1/2 year consumption from August 2007 until March 2008 was 157 kL.

The same period last year (also on restrictions, just not so heavy) was 256 kL.

And two years ago (so August 2005 to March 2006) was only 159 kL.

Conclusion: we have had 2 very dry years, and in this last year we did significantly reduce the consumption. Surprisingly, though, it still amounts to about 860 litres PER DAY !

And this with all the sprinkler systems turned off, very limited watering using drippers, carting buckets out from the shower and tipping the dishwashing water on the lawn.

I’m stunned how much water we use.

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