Spike has been sick

Cats being cats: they fight.

Our cat, being our cat: loses fights.

A few days after getting back from the wee cool state, the Spike seemed to have a bit of bother with ‘is back. Being the fools we are, we put it down to a bit of crankiness and ignored it, until Friday, when we thought it was time for a visit to the vet. Saturday morning was the earliest we could get in.


Saturday dawned bright and sunny. The Spike seemed a little better than before, so we decided to do a quick checkup before cancelling the vet appointment. That’s when we found the sore spot on his back – a big tender lump, and when pressed, it oozed. Lots and lots of ooze. More than I’ve ever seen before, ooze without end. The vet visit was on.

At the appointed time, Spikey was happy enough to go in the cat carrier, only to yowl all the way to the vets. And when we were called in, the only way to get him OUT of the cat carrier involved a set of deeply scraped claw-marks through the carrier – the kind the Coyote did regularly for Mr Warner. A quick check showed a couple a puncture marks, and more ooze.

“Looks like a bite” says Mr Vet.

“Standard cure: antibiotics. Injection now, tablets after. That’ll be $150, please. Pick yer tablets up on the way out.”

Strangely, Mr Spike was happy enough to come home without a peep, again in the carrier. By late Saturday night the ooze was still there, but the volume was decreasing, and he was much more tolerant of having it all squeezed out.

By Sunday, no more ooze, but he has to have tablets.

Now… normally giving tablets to a cat requires a few exercises where a past life in gymnastics comes in mighty handy. First, catch your cat. Second, force its mouth open. Third, rush to the bathroom, disinfect mauled hand and wrap in something big and soft. Repeat from step 1. By about step 93, cat’s mouth is open. Drop tablet in back of mouth. Watch cat spit tablet out. Start again from step 1.

Filled with anticipation of the excitement to come, we checked his back and steeled ourselves for the fight. Spike nuzzled at SWMBOs hand, holding the tablet.

“Let him sniff it, see if he’s more comfortable with it after that”, I suggested, feeling mighty pleased with myself for thinking of a way to defer the fun.

Spike promptly sniffed at the tablet, then daintily ate it, then licked her hand to get every last skerrick of flavour!

After we’d recovered from the shock, and carefully checked to see if he’d spat at out anywhere, we concluded he must have liked it. Come Monday morning, and evening, he’s done the same.

Is there something in the tablet, or is our cat just strange?

Or perhaps… those long months of feeding him yoghurt coated currents at breakfast time may be paying off.


Aw, he’s just gorgeous (and I’m a DOG person!). He just knows that SWMBO is the real ruler of your house.

Comment by MillyMoo | January 15th, 2008 9:41 am | Permalink

Our dog went for _anything_ coated with vegemite or peanut butter.

Comment by Gail | January 23rd, 2008 9:31 pm | Permalink

I remember having to give antibiotic tablets to a kitten a few years back and having the same expecations as you, and the same reaction. Many of the animal medicines are now “palatable” tablets.. a great idea.

At the same time we had to put ointment in the kitten’s eye… I was pretpared for a fight and a lot of scratched, but I was amazed at how he just let us do it.. maybe it made it feel better, maybe he trusted us.. maybe a bit of both.. who knows.

Comment by Nick | March 1st, 2008 11:27 pm | Permalink

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