F*&^ing Low Cost F*^%ing Airlines… Merry Christmas

Tomorrow we hop in the silver bird and go away for a coupla days over Christmas.

Lets run a tally so far on what’s gone wrong.

The accommodation. More on this later. The place where we and the extended family are staying has been sold. We found out just recently that not everything we booked AND PAID for will be available. The new owners say they were not paid for our booking, and in fact had no knowledge at all of it! The former owner doesn’t want to be contacted. Looks like we (collectively, amongst the 8 of us going) have done some of our dough. The place is still available, we are just not getting what we paid for.

Airlines. From the original booking, Qantas have changed one of our flights, now Jetstar have changed the other one. At least they informed us.

But today I’m trying to do the on-line checkin thing, reserve seats early and often, that sort of thing. Because the flights have been changed, the online checkin is not available. After half an hour on the phone, online checkin is now available but it does not work for me! I still can’t reserve the damn seats or print a boarding pass from home.

In the normal course of events this might not be a big deal, but She Who Must Be Obeyed gets travel sick at even the thought of stepping over a skate-board. It looks, from the comments of one of the call centre folks, like we are allocated to steerage – the very back row next to the chemical loos. The worst seats in a plane for those who barf at even the thought of a bumpy ride. NOBODY on the phone can change the seat allocation – but if I could get into online checkin I could do it! What is wrong with these people?

And as for F*&%ing Jetstar. The booking references I put all come up and tell me they have system errors, or maintenance, or other bullshit. There is no information in their system about the flights at all. And their call centre can’t or won’t help either: “Sorry, we can’t do anything.” web site useless. Call centre completely f*&^ing hopeless.

Thanks Mr Branson, by lowering the cost of travel you have also forced all the other carriers to join the race to the bottom. Low prices, crap service.

Here’s hoping the car company actually have the car we’ve booked.

At this rate, I CAN’T WAIT.


You poor dude – stressed before the holiday even begins. Qantas has seriously dropped its standards – what used to be one of the best airlines about 20 years ago is now akin to Aeroflot and Jetstar is so tragically below pond-scum level it is quite staggering. We *had* to fly Jetstar to Hamilton Island earlier this year because no other carrier went there. The lack of facilities, customer service or even the pretence of caring still haunts me.

Here’s to you guys arriving safely, accommodating being better than you’ve been led to believe and a hire car you can thrash to bits!

Comment by MillyMoo | December 23rd, 2007 9:25 am | Permalink

Oh bugger. Perhpas wishing you and yours a Happy Christmas is pushing my luck…

Comment by Trundling Grunt | December 25th, 2007 12:22 pm | Permalink

Flew Jestar to Honolulu last Thursday…well, last Friday after you count the sixteen hour delay. Missed all my connecting flights and yes, the hopeless call centre told us they would do nothing. The second time we went through customs and waited for the fight the company said they would help out and organise connecting flights for us, but when we got to Hawaii at midnight local time they vanished and washed their hands of us. That was fun, stuck in a foreign country with almost nothing open; I suppose I was lucky I and the natives spoke the same language and I could buy all new tickets from the only ticket desk still open. So yes, fucking Jetstar, cost me US$3600 to buy new tickets to get where I had previously spent US$855 for.

Comment by gilmae | December 25th, 2007 2:14 pm | Permalink

Gawd. I hope your Christmas turned out to be ok. I can’t believe the old owner has done the dodge… and Qantas’ commitment to customer service has been circling the drain for quite some time now. They really should get their shit into gear – they’re our (only) national carrier for heaven’s sake.

Comment by Dune | December 27th, 2007 2:28 pm | Permalink

What really craps me off is that you can’t check your bags all the way. When you want to fly to a place such as Townsville [our first flight with Jetstar last year], we had to have a mix of Qantas and Jetstar as no other combination got us there at the right time and on the right day [yes,we did book early]. But Jetstar and Qantas pretend that they are separate airlines so you have to collect your bags in Brisbane and then check in all over again for the Townsville leg. Repeat the process at Sydney on return and change to a different part of the terminal lugging your bags.
This really is a crap airline.

Comment by Dad | January 7th, 2008 11:47 am | Permalink

In the old days horse thieves ank Robbers were strung up sometimes pore trusting souls lost their lives without proper paper work and a horse with a stolen brand. Well, as the fella said about the Investment Bankers many are having a hard time of it now. One of the problems is that the crooked Bankers are like Horse Thieves and Bank Robbers of the old days and as he said things come in cycles and it is about time to start stringing up some of them rather than letting their friends in the Government and Law reinforcement give them more monies on top of what was stolen and raises on top of that. Then the honest working Bankers would not be whining about how hard their life is now shuffling money on paper is?

Comment by Frankly | February 4th, 2014 5:57 am | Permalink

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