Opinion makers

Have you ever noticed the occasional references to “Opinion Makers”?

I’ve never found a good definition, but it seems (as far as I can see) that these are people of influence, whose views are accepted by others. I suppose the standard line-up of radio shock-jocks fit the category, but there must be many others.

That got me thinking – why pander to the “opinion makers”?

Easy answer – to get your point of view generally accepted, you need to reach the few with influence and they will peddle the message for you. The dumb guzzling masses then lap this up as some kind of divine pronouncement of a fundamental truth, and job done!

At least that’s how I think the arrangement is supposed to work.

It leaves me feeling as if I (and most others) are being manipulated.

So… new time you hear somebody big and supposedly important rabbiting on about something, stop and think – are THEY an “opinion maker”? Are their views really there own? Whose agenda are they serving?

Am I an “opinion maker” by writing this stuff? Should you ignore me? (Nah – nobody much reads these rants anyway – and those who do are probably smart enough to have this one figured out anyhow.)


From ‘The Australian’ 18 August 2005.
‘The reason they asked me is that I’m a celebrity. If you’re a celebrity, you can present programs on anything: motorcycles, zebras, ghosts, cheese, skin diseases, you name it’.

John Cleese on why he is hosting a wine program.

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When I worked in the Recreation Industry, I, (surprise, surprise!)had to attend many “meetings” and Government “forums”. I guy who had recently resigned from a community recreation organisation was at one of the forums. When I asked him what he was doing there, he said , ” I am here, because I am now workinging as a Recreation Consultant.”
I asked him if he was actually consulting at that meeting. His quite open response was , ” No, I am hear listening to what you guys say, because you are the leaders in your field in SA, and when I am consulting, I can use what you say as ‘expert opinion’.

Comment by Trevi | January 11th, 2006 10:15 am | Permalink

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