Evil bastards

I flicked over to Mike Fitz to see what’s a-doin’, and started following some of his links about John Howard’s porkies. That led me to Archie and his porky collection.

And that in turn led me to Margo Kingston and the story of the first Australian killed in “The War On Terrorism”, or more particularly, the guys widow. Read it here and weep. It’s a long article – give yerself 10 minutes, but read it.

After that, I’m bloody angry. What a terrible, scheming, hideous little weasel we have for Prime Minister.

To see all the details on the big ticket items, go and read Archie – link above.

I’ll paraphrase him here and then add a few more instances of lies or evil that were not covered:

  • No Goods and Services Tax, never ever. No sireee! 1999.
  • Children Overboard. Whatever your feelings about refugees arriving in boats, the claims were known to be false but were exploited in the leadup to an election. 2001.
  • Looking after the families of defence personnel. Read more above. What a joke. 2002.
  • Weapons of Mass Deception in Iraq. Total fabrication and lies. Read Archie and more Margot Kingston, above. Preparations were started in secret a year before! Remember the impassioned pleas of the Libs in parliament? Where are those people now that Iraq has turned into a quagmire? 2003.

And my list of a few more:

  • The republican referendum, carefully stitched up to ensure a NO vote. 1999.
  • First home owners bribe of $14000. Stimulated demand, leading to massive rises in costs of real estate, and fueled the “crisis” we now have. Who would not vote for John when offered a fist full of dollars? 2001.
  • Baby bribe of at least $500 / year. No maternity leave but John will give you a hand out. Thanks John! 2001.
  • Personal decisions to bypass the normal selection process and buy the Joint Strike Fighter for the Australian Air Force. Out with due process! In with something that does not even exist yet! This will yet prove to be the single biggest defence procurement disaster this country has ever seen. 2002.
  • Keeping interest rates low, forever. Don’t trust anybody else! Shortly followed by 5 interest rate rises in a row. Pfft. 2004.
  • New and improved Baby Bribe of $3000, then $4000, and then $5000. Still no maternity leave, just more tax-payer handouts. Of course, maternity leave makes people thank their employer. A Bribe paid by the government, on the other hand….? 2004, 2005, 2006.
  • Penalising people who think by increasing the dreadful HECS. What an appalling way to treat your country – try and make it dumber instead of smarter. 1996, and again in 2005.
  • New sedition legislation allowing people to be locked up and held for 14 days with no contact to anybody. Anywhere else it would be called kidnapping. Here its called “protecting the country”. 2005.
  • Industrial Relations law changes. No HUGE impacts yet, but just wait until the next economic downturn. These people are going out of their way to turn this country into a second-class backwater. In fact, after my recent visit to China, I found to my great surprise: the Labour laws in China are tougher than in Australia. 2006.
  • Centralism. An endless stream of bashing state governments and taking more and more unto Canberra. Remember when Labor was in power (a long, long time ago…) – any move to do more by the Federal government was met by howls of outrage “Its a power grab by Canberra”. Not any more. Hypocrites. Started 1996, accelerating and still going strong in 2007.
  • David Hicks. Irrespective of what you think of him, 5 years being held without trial is unacceptable. 2002-2007 and still hung out to dry.

Need I go on?

We can skip the gory details of ministers who had to resign for various scandals.

We can ignore the minister whose family racked up a fortune on the ministerial phone card.

We can ignore the MP’s who claimed spouse allowance, when they did not have a spouse!

We can skip the details of power crazed loonies swapping political allegiance, or notably swapping careers so they could get where the action is (you figure it out… there are two of them at least).

We can skip the buffoon in his stockings at meetings of foreign ministers.

We can skip the sectors of a health system primed with grants to mates, signed off just before a minister retired.

It is time for this lot to go. The muck raking onto the opposition leader has well and truly begun – a sign of desperation. Cross your fingers that not too much mud sticks.

My great sadness in all this is not that I think the Labor opposition would make a significantly better government, because I don’t.

Instead, I think the current government is simply rotten with corruption, morally bankrupt and drunk on its power. It’s time has come. A change is needed.

I sincerely hope they lose the election later this year.


When first I read Margo Kingston’s account of how John Howard has so heartlessly treated Kylie Russell (widow of SAS Sgt Andrew Russell) I was nearly in tears. I couldn’t even describe it in my blog post.

Comment by MikeFitz | March 16th, 2007 5:36 pm | Permalink

I read that account with stunned disbelief. I had already known that the pensions and compensation for our armed forces personell was woefully inadequate. Then to read of Kylie’s treatment – I was horrified.

I played indoor cricket with a SAS soldier some years ago. He occasionally hinted at the lack of support but loved the life so much he was willing to risk his wife needing Governmental help. His wife was lucky. He survived.

Wally, I thank you for the list of other porkies. I will do some more research and see if I can expand on your comments. We need to use every means available to defeat this lying cheat at the next election. He is a greater danger to our nation than the Cane Toad.

Comment by Archie | March 16th, 2007 8:17 pm | Permalink

I just dont understand why it’s received so little coverage in the media.

Nice to see the lid blown of the whole sordid Santoro mess yesterday.. his donation to a “Charity” was in fact a donation to an organisation which is NOT a charity and whose head was also the Financial Planner that sold Santoro the Biotech shares in the first place! Another scandal that didnt get the coverage it deserved..


Comment by Duncan Margetts | March 17th, 2007 8:12 am | Permalink

Check it out.. Crikey covered the emerging scandal of Santoro giving Aged Care Beds to one of his mates back in mid January:


Comment by Duncan Margetts | March 20th, 2007 1:13 pm | Permalink

awesome list, i have one lying around somewhere, but this just makes it so much better.

Thats what gets me so annoyed is how so many people think he is honourable and honest. I wonder if we live in the same country at times.

Comment by lori | April 2nd, 2007 4:33 am | Permalink

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