Tread Lightly

With the hoo-hah about banning lightbulbs, my boss has taken a very philsophical approach.

See, I work for a company that designs, makes and sells energy management systems. Part of what we offer is doo-dads and gadgets for the lifestyle-of-the-future, but a big part is to reduce energy consumption. The examples are very basic: dimming lights, putting on automatic timers (so they turn off after a period), setting schedules for commercial buildings – because people always forget to turn out the lights.

A move to ban conventional light bulbs will certainly mean that the Chinese curse applies: we will have to live in interesting times.

Then comes the boss fella, quoting Gandhi, and urging us to tread lightly on the earth.

He’s from a very well-off family, dedicated to his work and family and torn by the conflicts of time that senior positions demand. Never, ever, though, had I expected him to interested in Gandhi.

A surprise pops up every day!

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A boss that quotes Gandhi – wow, that’s pretty excellent actually. It’s nice to see a company taking his words seriously :)

Comment by MadameBoffin | March 13th, 2007 1:17 am | Permalink

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