A software developers lot is not a happy one

Raymond Chen summarises the lot of the software developer so well that I’ll blatantly quote and rip off:

The ironic thing about fixing a bug, or at least once I mention on this web site that I fixed a particular bug, is that people immediately complain that I didn’t fix some other bug. One school of complaint believes that cosmetic bugs should be fixed first: “You suck. I mean, look at these egregious cosmetic bugs. If you can’t get even those right, then obviously you can’t get the other stuff right either.” The opposite school believes that cosmetic bugs should be fixed last: “You suck. I mean, why are you fixing cosmetic bugs when there are these other bugs!”

But at least both camps agree on one thing: I suck.I think I’d be better off if I said I didn’t fix any bugs at all.

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