Programming in Delphi

I’ve spent most of the weekend modifying a program written in Delphi. This program is something we use at Clipsal Integrated Systems, as part of the support of the C-Bus system.

We need to have some enhancements done very urgently so we can supply the program to a contractor who is developing a new product for us. These changes were started by somebody else, but for various reasons were not finished in time. So, there was no choice but to leap in and finish it off.

Delphi is PASCAL on steroids – add all the graphical stuff, wonderful conversion libraries, exceptions, classes, etc etc.

The last serious PASCAL programming I did was back in about 1988, and I have never programmed in Delphi before. I had a crash course in installing components on Friday afternoon.

Now, after about 2 hours to get used to how things work, and for all my PASCAL to come back to the top of my memory – I’m very impressed. Delphi does make graphical UI programming nice.

Now to finish the changes off so I can deliver the updated program on Monday morning.

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