Dark choc tragedy

Wilma the Walrus’s Mum went on a trip around Queensland a month or so back.

During her travels she bought some dark chocolate with ginger, for me, the chocolate fiend.

I’ve been eking it out very slowly because this stuff is magnificent. It’s just dark chocolate with bits of real aw-stray-un ginger in it, but really, really good. TODAY I FINISHED IT. :( :(

Here are the details off the label:

“Jakes Candy”
Lot 275 Maddison Court
(ph / fax 07 4152 2851)

If anybody ever comes across this stuff, get some, it’s good!

Now, I wonder if they’ll post some to me?

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Hi Wally. Was doing a random seach on Jake’s Candy and came across your blog. This is my Grandad’s factory that your wife stumbled upon and it’s still going full swing in all it’s glory. E-mail me and I’ll see to it that you get some more ginger!

Regards, Christie!

Comment by Christie Jacobsen | March 21st, 2008 1:39 pm | Permalink

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