Beyond Fear

I’ve been reading Bruce Schneier’s book “Beyond Fear”, which I was able to pick up from one of the Amazon associated sellers for a decent price.

This should be compulsory reading for those crazy people who want to confiscate tweezers at airport checkins, and who removed all the rubbish bins from out main railway station.

Security is more than what you first think of. Putting your money in a bank is a security measure. So is not walking down dark alleys. Same with keeping your car tyres pumped up, and keeping oil in the engine. Security is all about evaluating the things we do or don’t do, and working out the consequences.

The book gives a simple 5 point evaluation / checklist to figure out if a security measure is worthwhile.

It is the clearest, most straighforward explanation you will ever find for so many of the crazy things you see happening around you in the name of “security”, and it covers a lot of human behaviour as well.

This book is well written, well structured, straightforward and so, so sensible.

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