Damn fine day, but we need some rain

30 degrees today… in September… need rain, need rain…

#1 son, Mr Bean, helped me make Jamie Olivers brunch bread (with prosciutto, tomato, eggs, cheese, etc in it). Then we all headed off to the Barossa wine region – mainly to pick up some more good deals from Jenke’s, but also to find a picnic spot, tootle around and so on.

Lunch was on the banks of the Para River near Richmond Grove winery, under a thumping great big gum tree. The brunch bread was very, very good (recipe coming some time), the location was great. This is where they have the Peter Lehmann / Richmond Grove outdoor concerts – a sort of natural amphitheatre.

We found Peter Lehmann Wines had a bin-end sale, so we just HAD to stop in there… 2 dozen later we made our way to Langmeil – which was recommended by my Chiropractor.

The 2005 Langmeil Shiraz / Viognier was magnificent and will improve with age. At about $17 / bottle by the dozen its not cheap, but for a wine of this quality it’s pretty good value. So, we had to acquire a few of those.

Next… a stop at Jenke’s, then finally a stop at another place I won’t name as a favour to pick up a few bottles for a friend of SWMBO.

Home with (gasp) 6 dozen in time for an afternoon nap to recover. The chaps took off with their mate next door, thankfully allowing an hour for the parents to crash… er… rest their eyes.

Now I need to work for the next month or so to pay for all this :(

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