I was using Akismet – the spam scanning software for wordpress. That had an error rate of about 2 a week, but it did put about 30 spam posts a day into the Spam Bucket.

Even then, i’d take a quick scan of the spam bucket to see if anything legitimate had crept in. Mostly not. But its still a distracting waste of time.

Now i’m using Gatekeeper – which just asks those little questions at the end of a comment (is a ball round? that kind of thing).

Result for the last few days: NO SPAM AT ALL.

What’s with these spammers? Do they really think I’d let that shit through? Do they really think anybody would be silly enough to click through on their links? Why do these contemptible, miserable little cretins send out this endless stream of garbage?

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Spammers are doomed to go to the same level of hell currently occupied by serial killers, baby rapists and lawyers :P

But who we should really blames is the 0.05% of the population who actually click on spammers links and, because spammers overheads are so low, actually make it profitable (double :P )

Comment by MadameBoffin | September 13th, 2006 7:06 pm | Permalink

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