Pachelbel Canon

I first heard Pachelbel’s Canon when I was about 18 or 19, and gee I was hooked. I HAD to have a copy. I eventually did (thanks Dad).

First written in 1680, it’s still going strong. Strangely, Johann Pachelbel is not remembered for anything else.

Duncan has posted a marvellous YouTube link to some Koren guy doing a moderned-up version wih electric guitar, and goodness knows what else. Go and check it, here.

For more about Pachelbel, check Wikipedia. They even have a version of the original – but you need to install the OGG codec to get it to play, and it’s about 5 MB.

You can also find an extensive collection of (much smaller) MIDI versions here, including jazz, piano, rock, woodwind, etc etc etc.

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As a flortist, Gail loved Pachelbel’s Canon. It was the ultimate filler because it’s essentially an 8-bar cycle that is repeated over & over. If she was playing music at a wedding she’d often use Pachelbel’s Canon as the last piece whilst the register was being signed because they were never more than 8 bars from being able to end cleanly.

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