Interesting market – at last

The share market has finally started to get interesting.

For that last 2 years its been pretty much month on month rises, where any turkey can make money buying and flogging a bit later.

Now it has finally started to get intesting again. Some prices are not rising so much any more, some are falling, some just bouncing around a bit. Companies have been reporting big profits and their prices have been going down instead of up.

This is a market I kind of like… When others are losing confidence and driving prices down, it’s a time that I’m beginning to get interesting in buying.

I’ve recently bought a few shares in a company that I’ve been watching for 6 years. That’s a long wait for the price to enter a zone I consider reasonable!

Now I’ve noticed that some of the listed property and infrastructure trusts are selling for less than their asset backing – most have been selling at a premium for the last few years. Why would you pay $1.20 for $1.00 of value? Finally tere seem to be a few cases that seem more like paying $0.80 for $1.00 of value. That’s interesting!

At last! Nice!

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