Madness, nuclear madness

(Sing that title to the tune of the old Goodies song “malice”)

Our glorious leader, Little John of Syderney, has started an Enquiry Into Things Nuclear. (Or as George Dubya would say, Noo-clear).

Ostensibly this is about finding if the great brown land of Oz should build nuclear power plants.

(My personal view on this is that nuclear power is not such a bad thing, and the waste can be disposed of, using Ted Ringwoods Synroc process… go Google it. Poor Ted died without seeing his process used, but its a damn sight safer than the other processes that are commonly used. In spite of my views about safety, it won’t ever be used unless it’s economic.)

Anyhow, Little John has taken the lid off Pandora’s box, and I suspect he’s made another tactical error in his cunning stunts with trying to nobble Her Maj’s wondrous Opposition – led by the giant blimp, Bomber Beasley.

See, Labor are opposed to Nuclear power, but paradoxically have a “3 uranium mines” policy which is looking like being scrapped soon, on the grounds that it’s Ok to dig the stuff up so long as we sell it to somebody else to use and then eat the waste.

So… Little John will have an enquiry, with the great Oz public clamouring “Sir… where sir… where will you build the reactors?”, for which there will be no answer.

Another tactic to try and make Labor look silly (having a policy to allow the stuff to be dug up, but not used). However, I think Little John might underestimate the depth of feeling in public-land. 40 years of anti-nuclear rhetoric leaves a great deal of fear and worry in the public. It will be very difficult to undo this.

In his bid to make Labor look silly, Little John The Deputy Sherriff may yet have loaded the first barrel of the gun pointed at his own feet. It will be interesting to see the outcome…

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Australia has no need at all for nuclear power as it is in posession of a significant proportion of the world’s reserves of coal. In Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, there is enough for about 500 years supply and of course across NSW and Queensland, there is enough high grade anthracite, coking and gasifying coal for our own use for an even longer period and for exporting to those who want and need it around the world. SA is different as the only significant coal we have is low grade and it will be uneconomic to mine it further in about another 20 years or so. There was lots of natural gas here but an earlier government took the decision to pipe most of it off to Sydney and Melbourne where it’s burnt for heating and cooking. What we need to be addressing is the enrichment of the Uranium we dig up so that we add some value to it before it is exported. I simply can’t believe the figures which purport to show that Australia is one of the ‘world’s significant polluters’. Travel anywhere overseas and you will come across real pollution and if you haven’t seen it before, it can be quite a shock.
Unfortunately, we have had both a misinformation campaign about pollution and a war against the atom by an ignorant media for so long, that any usage at all by Australia is going to be very difficult for the public to accept.
So one is left with the view that the master strategist of the Liberal party has started an inquiry hoping to catch out the Opposition but if and when the facts are published, it may blow back in his face. The inquiry should be looking at the need for an enrichment industry but that is probably asking too much for something that is driven mainly by the need to score one over the Opposition before the next election.

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