On the good ship Lollipop

Today we went to Port Adelaide to see the Duyfken replica ship that’s been touring the country.

This is a copy of a Dutch trading ship that sailed from the East Indies to Holland as part of the spice trade.

A few interesting factoids:

- At the time, a handful of nutmeg was so valuable that a handful would buy a house in Holland – WITH servants

- The ship had a crew of 30

- Only the captain and the trade master had a cabin – and an extremely small one at that

- The rest of the crew slept on deck!

Some photos:


From on top of the lighthouse:





Cooking was under cover, but above decks. How would you like to cook for 30 here:


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Wow, those photo’s are awesome! Now I know what they were talking about at lunch the other day…I was a bit distracted for some reason :)

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