South Australia Power

I was using Mr Google to try and find out how to totally and completely and utterly remove a Windows device driver (much harder than it seems).Instead, I found this by accident. All about electricity, generation, capacity, renewables, etc etc. enough reading to keep an engineer (or a greenie) going for an hour or two.

No idea who put this together but they have put in a heck of a lot of work. For better or worse, they seem to be a strong wind supporter.

Interesting: In Denmark, electricity costs 3 TIMES what it does (on average) in Australia. And, Australia has the second cheapest electricity in the world. Be grateful instead of whining about how expensive it is… things could be worse!


Gee, I have a neat idea, let’s try and use a bit less.

Try these:

. winding the summer a/c thermostat up a degree or two (try 25 degrees – its quite comfortable), and winter thermostat back (try 19 degrees and put more clothes on).

. If you have ducted refrigerative a/c, turn off the rooms you are not using, AND CLOSE THE WINDOWS! [Amazing how many nut cases open the windows with refrigerative a/c]

. Turn off lights when you leave a room

. Turn off your computer when you go home from work

. Turn off the office lights at work if you are last out (!!!)

. If you must have “friendly” outside lights on at home, change them to low power fluoro types and use the lowest wattage possible

. See if you really need that old beer fridge, they cost a lot to run

. Use heavy curtains, and close them on really hot days or cold nights [how many houses do you see with few curtains?]

And I’m sure I could think of a few more…

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