Personal Finance Software (again)

I’ve just bought an upgrade to the latest version of some personal financial management software.

I can’t name names for fear of being sued for defamation (but send me an email if you want to know what it is).

The new version gives different results in reports to the old version.

The old version gives correct results for short term and long term gains in capital gains reports, and makes preparing that part of a tax return quite easy.

The new version gets the short term / long term split wrong under some circumstances. The result is that depending on the transactions, you might end up paying too much or too little tax. [Come audit time, the ATO take a pretty dim view on people who understate their income, so a bad calculation by this program ain't a good thing!]

So far my experience in reporting this as a bug to their technical support has not been fruitful, to put it mildly. A nastygram has now been despatched.

I’ll post further updates as they happen.

In the meantime I’m planning my strategy for when their technical support tell me for the second time to either naff off or pay $4.90 per minute to ring them.

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i know how you feel about those financial programs that is not user friendly and there are always bugs that caused headache…. but i would like to recommend you one of the software that i am using atm it’s called parcus… it is simple and really easy to use i recommend this product because it has helped me with my financial software headache after trying basically all of the programs that is out
i hope this helps
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