Windows Software ARRGGGHHH

I’m having a bad day.

I’ve been working from home, and my home PC is crashing – just every now and again. I must admit I’m hammering it hard. When it stops, its not a BSOD, its a complete reboot without warning.

Turns out there are some OLD dodgy drivers that seem to be the culprit.

Which brings me to the important point:

When I remove something from a Windows machine, I get REALLY pissed off with DUMB software makers who cannot or will not COMPLETELY remove their software.

That means:

- EVERYTHING related to it under “Program Files”

- EVERY registry entry

- EVERY device driver

Any vendor who does not do a decent clean up of their own droppings is derelict in their duty!!!

I’ve just spent a painful hour removing old crap drivers and registry muck from hardware I pulled out 18 months ago (or in some cases never even installed). I *hope* this will make it more stable. If not, a complete re-install might be coming up.

And, BTW, this is XP SP2, which I had otherwise though was pretty stable.

Not happy, Jan.


I bet it is a BSOD. The default behaviour of XP is to immediately reboot on a BSOD.

A) Right-click My Computer and select properties.
B) goto Advanced tab
C) select Setting button in Start up and recovery group box.
D) Uncheck “Automatically Restart” in the systemn failure group box.

This should allow you to grab the BSOD to help identify the rogue process/driver.

Comment by Anthony Richardson | November 30th, 2005 11:32 am | Permalink

One thing i hate is the bold assumption that your computer will be the same as theirs, you will install and uninstall it in the way they did. I used to do a lot of setting up educational computer systems for private tutors etc. and one thing that always erked me was programs which “locked in” using 256 colours, and all sorts of wierd setups. And im not talking about old cheap programs, these are industry standard 80 odd dollar pieces of software, which is programmed on bold assumptions, luck, and general disregard.

Comment by Paul Cleland | November 30th, 2005 3:49 pm | Permalink

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