When clients (and bosses) go bad

Another one I found by accident:

Kathy Sierra (and the folks from Creating Passionate Users) have some very interesting things to say. So much so I think I’ll be putting a link on the home page…

READ THIS ONE… it’s all about who is in control – you, your boss, or your clients. And once you have that figured, who gets rewarded, and how are you treated?

Oh if only…

I’ve spent many hours working back late, sometimes by myself, sometimes with many others. Mostly the boss would spring for pizza because after all people working through the night need to be fed.

The ONLY gourmet meal I’ve ever been treated to was Thai takeaway one evening of working back when with a previous employer (About 10 years ago). And that raised questions from the powers-that-be.

Kathys’ article really does bring home an important point – if you treat people badly, they won’t suddenly be motivated and creative and work hard to solve your problems. Instead they become grumpy, morose, sullen and resentful. And when they get the chance they leave to try and find a more compassionate employer.

So boss fellas, a bit more thought, a bit more consideration, a bit more trust and a bit more empathy would go a long way. Really respecting your employees will go even further.

(Aside: Now that Little John is changing the IR system I fully expect things to get much WORSE before they get BETTER.)

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