House or Home?

What is a house?

And what is a home?

To my way of thinking, a house is just a building. A structure, made of stuff, for people to live in. Any people, generic, plastic, cardboard cutout people who we don’t know and can’t relate to.

My home, though, is where I live. It’s mine, it’s personal and most of us have an attachment – be that through the vast amounts of money we had to spend or some emotional connection to the things we’ve done there.

Perhaps have make too fine a point on the distinction, but because I do, it rankles when I see real estate agents signs for “Home Sale”. No… its a HOUSE for sale. You BUY a house. You make that into a HOME. You can’t just buy one.

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Agree completely.

Sometimes our ‘home’ can be the hotel room we’ve messed up for the past few days. If LC and Sapphire are there, it’s home.

Home for us is now a rented apartment, but it’s still home. Our ‘real’, owned home is currently called ‘the house’ because it’s got strangers paying us rent to live in it.

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