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Today’s Friday Photo is a trip down memory lane…

A little over a year ago we were in New Zealand, and spent nearly 3 weeks travelling around the South Island. Fortunately for us this was a stable period in between the numerous Christchurch Earthquakes.

Lake Tekapo is one of those mountain lakes (just another, there are rather a lot in NZ) in between bald hills. The hills seem to capture low clouds and slowly release them as the sun goes down. By about 8pm, as the shadows come over, the cloud pokes out of a pass in the mountains like a giant tongue.

Lake Tekapo

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That is stunning, really stunning! We only went to the North Island (in 2008) on advice of the travel again. “Do it first because even though it’s fantastic, if you went to the South Island beforehand, you could be disappointed.”

Only last week for some inexplicable reason, Sapphire said, “So when are we going to do the South Island?”
Seeing as we now live in SWITZERLAND it could be a while, sweetie!

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Very noice

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