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I’m finally moved to speak (write)…

I’m really really tired of bullshit email sent to the family in-box by well-meaning friends and relatives. It’s nothing more than man-bashing spam. The modern equivalent of the Mere Male column in No Idea magazine.

There seems to be an epidemic of man-bashing. For nigh on 20 years, or more, we’ve had crap like Mere Male – where the females can write about the dumb things their male significant others do. Last I knew there are no such columns in mens magazines – and can you imagine the outcry if there was such a thing?

Then we get disparaging terms like “having a mans look” when trying to find something. I’ve asked, politely, that this no longer be used in our house. I find it offensive to try and categorise men as stupid, unable to find things, uncoordinated, and foolish. This is term that seems to have made it’s appearance in the last year or two. It’s time is over.

I’ve worked mainly with men – such is my profession – and I can report that of the many people I’ve worked with over 20-mumble years, not one has indulged in sly, nasty, stupid disparaging comments about the females in their lives.

I’ve also known, or had 2nd hand reports of female dominated workplaces. So much for caring sharing communicating female managers. These people make poor male managers look like saints. But apart from this little rant, I keep quiet – those are battles for others, I have no DIRECT experience. But what I hear makes me sad.

But more than anything I really do get tired of the endless stream of emails espousing the virtues of women – endlessly patient, tending to wounds, being bright and sunny, putting down men or making them look foolish. Perhaps this is some kind of tribalism. Or perhaps I’m a bit idealistic – I’d like us to all just be people, taken as we are, on our merits, judged by our capabilities and out actions.

Silly, sniping, snide, sly, stupid comments, columns, and emailed crap wear thin.

If the equal opportunuty movement want to be taken seriously, stop crapping on about women in the boardroom, and start doing something about the nasty, trivial, carping undermining of half the population. The male half. Thanks. Over-n-out.


Oooh someone got up your nose! I do get a few of those I must admit but they go straight into the bin. However, I am a strong proponent of the ‘boy look’ it’s been proven many times in our household. Thanks God you’re not a woman, we get emails about menopause, alzheimers and growing old and saggy boobs which I find just as offensive. And the ‘caring sharing community’ of female managers is bullshit. I work for a troll bitch but now that I’m working in an all male department, life is fine!

Comment by Baino | December 13th, 2009 7:26 am | Permalink

Well said, and yes, I get ‘em too and immediately trash them. It always got up LC’s nose in telly advertising too – the man is always the stupid one…. Hey advertisers, how about a series of commercials where no-one is ‘The Stupid One’?

And boy, do I hear you about how the more nurturing sex treat each other at work…

Franzy wrote about this a very short time ago too – http://franzy-writing.blogspot.com/2009/11/whos-with-me.html

Comment by Kath Lockett | December 14th, 2009 11:13 am | Permalink

I was fortunate enough during my working life to have only male bosses. Some of those were not too good but one could learn from even them what NOT to do when later I achieved ‘boss class’ myself.
But after retirement, in a volunteer organisation, I had two female ‘bosses’ and what an appalling experience that was. Petty, mean-minded, trivial, point scoring, back-biting, devious, sly and when finally confronted in a formal capacity, they dissolved in tears so that their failures were never addressed. One recent hit film was ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ starring Meryl Streep. OK, I know it was only a film but what an appalling person to make a film about and turn a bully into a hero. And another recent film was ‘The Proposal’ about a devious, mean-minded, self-centred, selfish woman only interested in her own career and caring not a whit about others.
Much of my philosophy about managing people came from reading the works of Field Marshal Viscount Slim. His main precept was that as the soldiers did all of the dirty work, the main task of the officers was to make sure that the soldiers were properly fed, clothed and equipped, had good medical care and were clearly instructed in what the army expected of them. Virtually all of these factors have been ignored in modern management practices which treat workers as units of industry and not real people. Industries, firms etc. are bought, sold, closed down, production shifted off-shore etc. with not a care about the people who made them. The same goes for those involved in the greenhouse debate who would close down and/or destroy whole industries with no thought of the real people who have given their lives to create wealth and prosperity for the company, government enterprise etc. And many of those who advocate such radical changes to our social fabric are young, thoughtless, inexperienced in real life and come from a privileged social background that has never had to scrabble away to get the basic needs for existence. Just look at those currently demonstrating in Copenhagen. How many of them actually worked and saved up to pay their fares and accommodation in Denmark? I’ll bet that for most, Daddy paid for a college education and is still supporting them while they ’save the planet;.
If you want to think of a classic way of how not to do it, just look at what Margaret Thatcher did to British Industry and particularly those engaged in coal mining. 25 years after, the scars are still there.
And she was a woman boss too!!


Comment by Dad | December 14th, 2009 11:29 am | Permalink

Quite right too.

Comment by Christine | January 1st, 2012 11:16 am | Permalink

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