Friday Photo(s) – Late Again

Today’s Phriday Photo’s are late – yes – posted on Saturday.

Today I’m doing a batch – from my wanderings at Port Adelaide of a month or so ago. The theme today is a bit woolly. Yes, that’s right. Sheep and how the nation made a motza flogging fleeces to The Empire, or perhaps that should be, Empahh.

Port Adelaide had, and still has, vast Wool Stores. Many of these were built in the 1930’s or before – as best I can find out anyhow. They vary between the elegant and the utilitarian tatty.

Today’s photos then, are a selection of wools stores.

Wool Store 
Wool Store

Wool Store 
Wool Store

(Click for a full size version)

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There was an old Woollen Mill in Parramatta years ago but they knocked all but the facade down to build a Bunnings Warehouse. Now it just looks peculiar, they kept the Victorian facade because it has heritage value but it sticks out like a sore thumb! I really must venture down to SA one of these days. Never been to Port Adelaide but it looks intriguing.

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