You did what, Mr Potter?

So yesterday afternoon / evening, we continued the long family tradition of going off to see the latest Harry Potter movie and going out for dinner afterwards.

We went to the Piccadilly, one of the few remaining Art Deco theatres still in Adelaide. It’s still been converted to a multiplex internally, but the biggest theatre is mainly the old upstairs stalls, and it’s quite large by modern standards.

As we arrived, the previous session must have just finished – hundreds of people were spilling out, heading away. We arrived with chaps to meet my parents – who were in the queue which stretched the full length of the downstairs foyer, up the stairs, and the full length of the upstairs foyer. In this theatre, that’s a very long queue. We managed to get seats together, and settled into the Swine Flu Incubation Chamber for 2 1/2 hours of Mr Potter and his wizarding fantasy madness. Talk about ending with a What The Heck. The final film better not be another 2 years away. We need to see it NOW.

When the film ended, I started counting people leaving. About 100 had already gone before I started counting, I counted 150, and the theatre was still half full. There must have been about 400 to 500 people in that session. As we left, the huge queue was forming ready to do it all again. The theatre must love this, the big hits are money for old rope.

After, we ambled down O’Connell St, trying to find a place to stop for a bite to eat. The first two restaurants we tried were full: “Sorry Sir, we’re completely booked out”. Third time we struck lucky. Recession? What recession?


I’m waiting for it to come out on dvd, to add to my collection; also so that I can pause the action when needing the bathroom. There’s nothing worse than missing some of the action and disturbing others as I climb over feet etc in the theatre.

Comment by river | July 19th, 2009 5:58 pm | Permalink

Love Chunks and Saphhire saw it yesterday but not in a place as lovely as the Piccadilly. They both were a bit ambivalent about it – OK, but a bit dark and had ‘too many love scenes it’, said Sapph, who is sitting alongside me as I type this.

Comment by Kath Lockett | July 19th, 2009 6:23 pm | Permalink

We got back from seeing it an hour ago. Same deal – packed cinema. It was a great story as usual.

Spoiler alert

At the end dies :(

Comment by Darren | July 19th, 2009 8:05 pm | Permalink

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