As part of the family photo-preserving effort, we’ve been gradually scanning the negatives of all the photo’s we have ever taken. As you can imagine, this is a fairly large undertaking… It goes in fits and starts depending on energy and enthusiasm.

One of the interesting things, though, was the comparison of some of the sights in Lucerne between our visit in 1989, and last year.

These two illustrate the point rather dramatically.

1989: This building just by the river and the wooden bridge, is looking rather grotty, tired, dirty. The tacked-on extension has seen better days.


2008: Different angle, same building. Clean, and rather tarted up. A trendy eatery where there was previously some stonework in serious need of a cleanup. It seems impossible at first that these are the same place. Check the details carefully… they are.


Looking back through the older photos of Lucerne, one other thing really struck me: In 1989, all of the beautiful squares and the narrow roads of the old town were filled with a jumble of cars and trucks, making it chaotic and rather untidy.

In 2008, the cars and trucks are gone, the buildings are painted and much cleaner (see above), and only pedestrians have access.

Looking back now, on the basis of the older photos alone I never would have gone back. It was prettier then than the photos showed, but now… quite outstanding.

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They’ve added a cute little turret thing on the top, too!

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