Another from the “What were they thinking?” files.

Today we bring you:


Yes, that’s right: “Extra Juicy” juice.

One is naturally forced to wonder:

- Is this the premium brand, big brother of “Not So Juicy” juice? Which is perhaps dried, or watered down.

- Or perhaps instead, Extra Juicy is because the juice contains something extra. What could it be? Sugar? Illicit drugs? Artificial muck from a chemical factory?

This reminds me of those things, brands and places that put “Plus” on the end of their names, connoting some grand additional thingy or experience. “Supermarket Plus”. Hmmm, right. “Gardens Plus”. Perhaps your plants come pre-supplied with diseases and grubs. And my favourite, seen on pubs around Adelaide a few years ago: “Schnitzels Plus”. Does that mean it comes with mushroom sauce? Or just the $4 ambience of a pub and short-order cook, with sticky carpet underfoot that squelches when you walk?

I suppose it does get hard for the marketeers when you are flogging fruit juice. After all, the truly awful artificial muck is only allowed to be called a “Fruit Drink”, meaning it has less than 25% of the real thing in. Once you cross that line, you are a Fruit Juice, and in theory this gets you the premium price, and in a crowed market this is probably a Good Thing. How do you compete? Freshness? Nah. Boring, everyone has that. Packaging? Once some bright spark put handles on a bottle, that one was pretty much pushed to the limits. What’s left? Name.

However, “Extra Juicy”, I’m sorry, gets a fail grade. The teachers are disappointed and suggest trying again in the supplementary exam.


Nice one… all they need to do for that final, annoying marketing effort is put ‘new and improved’ on it. I always think “If it’s NEW, how can it be improved?”

Comment by Kath Lockett | June 22nd, 2009 7:44 am | Permalink

I do feel that there needs to be another regulated level at the top end for labelling. Perhaps “pure fruit juice”?

They already do this with “extra virgin” olive oil – any other word combination – pure, light virgin, etc, you know it isn’t the real stuff it’s just gunk they scraped together.

Comment by Daniel | June 22nd, 2009 9:33 am | Permalink

While scanning a bottle of this Extra Juicy juice last year, I casually raised that same point. Huh. I chose the wrong customer. By the time she’d finished going on about her point of view on juices, I was cross-eyed with boredom.
I can tell you though, that the Schnitzels Plus deal was a huge, plate sized schnitzel, instead of the regular half-plate size.

Comment by river | June 22nd, 2009 7:41 pm | Permalink

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