Unerringly unblurring

We found some articles in a photography magazine about software that can remove blur from photos – to handle either motion blur or when you didn’t quite get the focus right.

Two of these are freeware, one needs a small payment.

So far, 2 of the 3 programs have had a test run with very mixed results.

The one you pay for has done an outstanding job on one of 3 test photos (and been completely terrible on the other 2). Of course, the best results were on the very first image tried – leading to elation and thoughts of “oh wow this is great lets rush off and try and fix lots of others and gee this is good and I better tell everybody about it and…”. Then the let down when it did a terrible job on the next few tried. And it has the user interface from hell.

One of these programs that is free seems to be immensely powerful, with all the functions of Photoshop, and all sorts of goodies. But, there is no help, and little to tell you what to do. A hackers paradise, but painful, oh so painful, to try and figure out what it does. Results so far, on the test photos, have not been enough to warrant further consideration. This could be that those photos just can’t be rescued, or it could be finger-trouble, not knowing how to drive it.

And program #3 is a java program – which has until now been a disencentive to try it. Perhaps it’s worth a go anyhow. Just have to make sure Java is installed first.

These things… they are meant to be easy. Oh bliss! Far, far from it.


EDIT: Well the Java program aint all that flash either. It’s slow, the user interface is terrible (a standout worst of the three), and it’s clunky to start it up.

On the plus side, a lot more fiddling with the free-program-that-has-no-help does seem to be yielding results – another photo so far has been refocussed quite well with it. Still a pig to drive though.

Recommendations so far:

Focus Magic: Costs US$45, works well for some things. Easy to drive until you want to tweak and then does not have keyboard accelerators. 4 million mouse clicks is not nice.

Image Analyser: Free. Good for geeks. Needs lots of searching on-line to find how to use it. Seems to be immensely powerful. Test / Preview modes don’t seem to work very well.

Unsharp: Free. Needs java. Slow. Awful user interface. Works better on defined size square images. Other sizes cause conniptions and make it run slower.

So far I’m leaning toward Image Analyser (and a lot of fiddling… refocussing photos is very time consuming).

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I don’t think any fancy photoshop program could fix my really bad photography. Luckily I now have a digital camera so I can delete the worst shots.

Comment by river | May 13th, 2009 5:40 pm | Permalink

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