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She Who Must Be Obeyed bought a nice loaf of dark rye bread.

Spot the two total dipstick marketing statements:


The first is “Country Grains”. All @$%^$# grains come from the country! Who ever saw a paddock full of wheat or rye in a city? For crying out aloud, save us from this shit. It’s as bad as the yogurt called “Forest Berries”. I think I want to poke my eye out with a fork.

But number 2 is even more stupid. 83% wheat free. Soooooooo, for those who can’t tolerate wheat / gluten, it still has 17% wheat. In other words, IF YOU CAN’T EAT WHEAT, SUCKED IN, YOU STILL CAN’T EAT THIS.

Whoever dreamed up this crap should be taken out and shot.

No, that’s too good for them. Force feed them on 83% crap-free turds for a week (mix real turds with wheaten flour) and see how they like that. Then shoot them.


The bread is actually quite nice. Shame about the moron who made the packaging.

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Ah yes, and don’t forget other marketing moronisms that include:
Dairy Fresh (where else does milk come from?)
Garden Fresh (for anything vaguely green, even if it’s those stupid herbs shoved in a toothpaste tube)
Corn fed (okay, but just ‘cos the chook is yellow do we assume it’s been treated any better or tastes any nicer?)
LITE (misspelling means they can play games with buyers dumb enough to assume that the product is ‘light’ or ‘reduced fat’)

I’m off now to eat a stale hot cross bun…. partially gluten free and manufactured on equipment used to process nuts, of course.

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