Royal Adelaide Show #2

Continuing from the last posting about the Royal Adelaide Show (here)…

Some of the older parts of the show grounds were built a long time ago, and on the cheap. Some parts obviously had some money spent, like this old stone and brick building in the livestock area:

Now, if you are going to have an agricultural show, you need to have the local farm machine preservation society:

But wait, there’s more. Wood cutting has a big following, and is a popular event. These days there are women’s and men’s events. The competition is intense, and there are always big crowds:

Women’s (also called “Jill’s”):

And men’s (these fellows chop through a 325 mm log in about 25 seconds):

One of the large halls is always used for garden feature displays. This is the hall where I used to sit my University exams. I have many unpleasant memories of sweltering away with no air-conditioning on a stinking hot November’s day, doing 3 hour exams here. But for the show, it is transformed for 10 days with paving, garden beds, fountains, water features, and more:

What amazes me is that the floor in this place is timber, and underneath is a very large basement used as an archive. And every year it gets loaded up with tons and tons of concrete blocks, paving, water features and garden beds! All for 10 days, before being pulled out.

And finally, no trip would be complete without a quick tour down sideshow alley… but this is boring compared to the rest:

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