Royal Adelaide Show #1

Earlier in the week we went to the Royal Adelaide Show. This is put on every year by the Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of South Australia, which has been running an agricultural show every year since 1839 – though on the current site since only 1925.

The show grounds are large – and these days on prime near-city real estate. Nevertheless a vast amount of money has been spent on buildings over the years – there are halls, pavilions, conference and convention centres, and so on, ranging from the modern to the old and tatty.

The show had its origins in agriculture, and that still continues. About 600,000 people visit over the 10 days it is open – not bad from a city of about 1 million people. I expect most don’t even make it to the livestock – but that’s the part I like most. You can get sideshow alley anywhere.

During show time, the parking areas near the show grounds are filled with trucks and other vehicles that farmers have used to bring in their horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, and of course the weird cats and freaky chickens.

I’d wanted to take a look down the back end of the grounds where there are a lot less crowds, and wander through looking at the cattle. By accident we went through a bit of a back way (not quite lost – we knew where we were) and ended up there anyhow.

So… here is the photo gallery…

Horses being prepared for showing (no pictures, but lots of smartly dressed girls around getting prepared for riding, or dressage, or whatever it is that girls do to show off horses):

When horses go to the show, they need somewhere to live, and horses live in stables (this is only one of several):

Farmers want to show their cows as well, and cows need to be looking their best. So, a quick trim and scrub down is warranted:

Cows, of coarse live in a barn (and there are MANY of these):

And when cows are shown for judging they need a marquee, and people to lead them around, and judges, and sashes for the winners:

All that livestock means a feed store is needed to keep them in hay, oats and so on:

More pictures and commentary coming soon!

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Neat! I wouldn’t even know HOW to get to this area from inside the showgrounds – some awesome buildings there. Keep posting :)

Comment by daniel | September 9th, 2005 2:37 pm | Permalink

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