In spite of the levity in the post after this (which is scheduled in advance… the Wednesday “not good enough series” is prepared about a month in advance and just dribbles out)…

Following the devastation of the Victorian bushfires, I’d urge the few readers of this blog to please donate something – whatever small amount you can afford – to the Australian Red Cross. So far over 180 people confirmed dead, over 650 houses destroyed, and it’s not over yet. Whole towns are gone, families wiped out, terrible.

So far also, A$13 million in donations has been received. It won’t be enough.

Go here.

Please note that the Red Cross have been overwhelmed and their web site can’t handle the load. If at first you don’t succeed, please try again later.

Please remember for Australians, donations are tax deductible. If by chance anybody from overseas reads this – you can donate as well. It’s just a credit card debit in A$. You might struggle to get an address in but give it a try.


Oops sorry misspelled your name.

Comment by Baino | February 11th, 2009 5:57 am | Permalink

Nice one Wally. I’ve put a widget on the blog already. At last count I think there was about $23 mill in the pot and Coles Supermarkets are giving Friday’s profits to the fund. Terrible times. Just awful. Glad you survived the heat and dust storms. It’s cool as a cucumber in Sydney this week.

Comment by Baino | February 11th, 2009 5:56 am | Permalink

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