The ReadyNAS is ready for take off

Just before Christmas I bought a NetGear ReadyNAS Duo.

Wots a ReadyNAS? It’s a thingy you plug onto you local network. If you have an ADSL modem or router, then you have a local network. You just need a spare RJ-45 jack to plug it into.

The ReadyNAS, in its most basic form, just gives you a location you can copy files to with oodles of storage. It can be tizzed up to do all sorts of other things (like serve a blog or a picture gallery out over the internet, without a need to keep a PC running).

$499 from Officeworks is the best price I could find anywhere, it gets a machine with 500 GB of storage and room for a second hard drive. Putting the second drive in does not double the storage, it means you store 2 copies of everything in the ReadyNAS, so that in the event of a single drive failure you have another copy sitting there. You can buy another 500 GB drive for about $100 from most computer shops.

I’ve been worried for some time about the hard drive in the PC dying. Seeing as we have zillions of digital photos, and backup is a pain, then the possibility of a disk failure leading to loss of all our photos is very real. And disks do fail. Back when I was a small network system administrator we used to bet on about 1 disk drive in 30 failing, once a year.

The other neat thing about the ReadyNAS is it comes with a program to automagically copy everything you tell it to onto the ReadyNAS and then monitor your main disk for changes, and copy them as well.

The only trouble is, the program supplied with the ReadyNAS to do this task is, well, not all that flash. It does weird stuff. It misses some files (typically a few hundred in every 30,000 files). It crashes now and again with strange errors. And it’s slow and makes the computer run s..l..o..w.

So, folks, I’ve written a replacement program: QuickShadow.

You can download the installer here:


Ooh yes please, I don’t backup at all, just store my pics on an old Mac that we don’t use any more, is it Mac compatible or just for the PC?

Comment by Baino | January 9th, 2009 5:06 am | Permalink

Remember the Tao.. keep a copy offsite..


Comment by Duncan Margetts | January 9th, 2009 10:37 am | Permalink

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