The Willows

Time for a bit of free publicity.

Many years ago – probably just after they opened – we discovered “The Willows Vineyard”, at Light Pass in the Barossa Valley. The Scholz family have been living there, and growing grapes, for a long time. The grapes were sold to others, and that was that.

As I understand it, about 20 or so years ago, one of the Scholz’s ended up working as a winemaker for Peter Lehmann Wines, and then decided to have a go at making his own from the family’s own grapes.

We discovered them on one of those wine-tasting weekends of about 20 years ago, and have since been going back every now and again. I’m on the mailing list, and each year they send a very simple single page, with a very brief description of their activities, and a price list.

Now the reason for writing this is twofold:

- last night I opened a bottle of 1995 (not that is not a mistake) Willows Cabernet Sauvignon. Apart from the cork being pretty stuffed and needing to be fished out in bits with a teaspoon, it is very very very good. A great many modern wines will not survive for 13 years after bottling. This one sure has.

- and now today I’m tidying up piles of paperwork and junk that’s been accumulating for weeks. I found the latest Willows newsletter / pricelist. They are selling a 2005 Shiraz which won a Gold medal in this years Barossa Wine Show, and for a mere $20. Not many places you can get a gold medal winning red, with 3 years age already on it, for that price. A steal.

This is not the only time they have won awards, though. Their reds have been picking off awards from one place or another for years, but this doesn’t seem to have gone to their heads. Where others jack the prices up to something silly ($40 or more), The Willows just keeps on plugging away selling excellent wine at good prices.

You will struggle to find them in bottle shops, but if in the Barossa, make a side-trip out the sticks (Light Pass is flat, rather dull, and a 3-building township) and search out The Willows. It’ll be worth the effort.


Obligatory disclaimer: I’ve got nothing to do with The Willows apart from being a fan of a good product!

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Hmmmm, might be a good Christmas gift idea for Love Chunks…..

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