Water (again… arrrggghhh)

There was an interesting article on the news this morning.

The Victorian Government is setting a lower target for Melbourne household water consumption: reducing from 180 litres per person per day, to 155 litres.

There was a slightly snide remark that the South Australian Government has not set a similar household target for Adelaide, relying instead on whole-of-city targets. Boo Hoo. They went on to say that if such targets were adopted in South Australia they would have to be higher, because there is a naturally higher rainfall in Melbourne.

This set me wondering: what is our water consumption. I dug out the last meter readings: our total consumption in the last 12 months is 248,000 litres. (248 kl). A quick calculation yields 679 litres per day. But there are 4 of us, so on the same basis as the Victorian targets, thats 169 litres per person per day.


We are not just 4 people, we also have a large lawn (which gets the outfall of the washing machine, and a limited amount of legal watering using a drip system), there is also 1/2 an acre of fruit trees which are watered, legally, using micro-irrigation. And there are is about a kilometre of black dripper pipe here which I turn on once in a blue moon.

So we’ve been saving water agressively for a long, long time (I hate paying money out). With a block of land about 6 times that of a normal moden block, our consumption for all of that is below the current Victorian target and only moderately above their new target.

Which leads to two results:

- What on earth do people on normal size plots of land do with all the water they consume?

- I should feel pretty chuffed, we’re not doing too badly here in outer-bogansville!

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The problem Wally is that there are people like you and I doing the right thing whilst millions are still hosing their driveways and washing their cars. I’d like to see an incentive bonus for minimal use rather than penalties for overuse. There are five of us here and our bill is rarely more than $150 a quarter! And you should feel chuffed. I get sick of watching people on 500sqm hose their driveways!

Comment by Baino | November 29th, 2008 5:18 am | Permalink

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