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Saturday mornings are cricket mornings.

The chaps are both mad keen criketers (chap #1 more so than chap #2), which means that for the last umpteen years, starting sometime around when dinosaurs roamed the earth, we’ve been up EARLIER THAN NORMAL WEEKDAYS to head out for the school cricket match.

This morning the radio announced at 7am that it was 8 degrees in little old Adelaide. This on the 22nd November when it’s supposed to be warmer weather.

I took a few precations and threw in a big scarf thing to wrap around the neck, and thank goodness I did.

I’ve just come back from spending 3 hours sitting in  the wind and getting rained on. When we got home it was 9.5 degrees.

I was rugged up in the usual shirt + jeans, then a jumper, my very-warm explorers jacket, a scarf, and then I found a picnic blanket in the car and wrapped that around myself as well. And was still very very cold.

On getting home I just happened to accidentally eat a piece of chocolate that was sitting in the kitchen. I was so !@#$ cold it wouldn’t melt in my mouth! The only time a piece has ever lasted 15 minutes. Ever.

At least I was better prepared for the cold than this guy, who tried to repeat his experience of Mount  Wellington last year, the day before Christmas. Today he had on only shorts and a T-shirt. At least it didn’t snow.

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G’day Wally. Well we were in Melbourne, buying a house (which we did,I’ll email you soon) and, as I was getting into the car, I must have opened my mouth (not unsurprisingly, given my tendency to chatter) and it filled up with hail stones. “Welcome to Melbourne”, said Love Chunks!

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