Dear Mr Joyce

I’ve done something I never do. I’ve sent an email to a politician.

Here is what I sent to Barnaby Joyce, the newly elected senator from Queensland.

Hello Senator Joyce

Since your election your profile has been pretty high, and I have heard something refreshing something that has not been heard in politics for a long time. What Ive heard is that you have been elected by people in Queensland to represent them, and that is what you intend to do. Last I knew, this is what democracy was supposed to be about.

Politics is corrupting, and it is easy to become just another quiet timid voice, a number doing as the party tells you. Please, keep the independent spirit, keep doing what politicians are supposed to do, and represent your people instead of becoming another silent body, just making up the numbers.

On Telstra, I firmly believe that (seeing as we live in a capitalist society), we have some basic principles that need to be followed in this case, just like they apply to other businesses. These are:

1. Commercial businesses should be allowed to be commercial;
2. Social policy should be formulated and administered by Government.

For these reasons, if Telstra is to be sold, the idea of creating a fund to deliver services to regional areas is a good and sound idea.

Put simply, delivery of services where there is limited or no profit is not commercial. Why should a commercial business (Telstra) be forced to operate in an un-business-like manner? Once upon a time, when Telstra was as much about social policy as telephone services, this was appropriate. Now that Telstra is sold, and presumably soon to be fully sold, it is not.

Separation of the social obligation from the business obligation is clear, simple, straightforward common sense. Please keep plugging away to ensure a suitable outcome.

Finally, dont let the bastards wear you down. You will be hounded, and subjected to more invective from the ideologues. Stick to your principles. They are simply stated, easily understood, and will earn you support and respect maybe not from Wilson Tuckey and others in the Liberal party, but certainly from many ordinary people who feel Politicians have lost touch.

Now I suspect that Sen. Joyce has been deluged with letter and emails. If he ever sees this it will probably be weeks before he gets to it, and I don’t expect a reply, but hey – it’s worth a try isn’t it?

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