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Today’s spelling lesson: LOSE v LOOSE

Today’s ¬†spelling lesson is brought to you by the letter grump and the colour grizzle.

Our word today is LOSE, pronounced LOOZ.


The two, kiddies, are not interchangeable.

LOSE is what happens when you had something, and can’t find it any more.

Likewise, a LOSER is a a person with an “L” on their forehead, who has had some misfortune or done some foolish thing.

LOOSE, on the other hand, refers to a rattly thing not attached properly.

LOOSE can also refer to the kind of women your mother warned you about.

There is no such thing, or person, as a LOOSER.

But if the handle on your  bedroom door was a bit rattly, and was bumped by a LOOSE WOMAN, it might become LOOSER when it got more rattly and threatened to fall off.

Please learn the difference. Thanks.

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