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A hot day in Adelaide

Saturday was just another hot day in Adelaide.

The usual January / February heat waves are upon us, a run of a few days of about 40 degrees or more. A good time for staying inside under the air-con, or going to the beach. Or, something my father taught me – go see a movie. Cinemas have air-conditioning.

So after a couple of false starts earlier in the week, we took off for Semaphore, where the local Odeon Star cinema has $8 moves – one price only, every movie, every session, every customer. After hearing, over and over that Avatar was a must see – we went. Good movie , by the way. Go see it.

Afterwards, we wandered down to Sotos Fish Shop, which must have been raking in a small fortune – order your fish-n-chips and wait 1/2 hour. There were 8 staff behind the counter, going flat out. One wrapping, one battering fish, one frying, one taking orders, one making hamburgers…. and so on. They cut their own chips… need I say more. The best fish and chips in the world – eaten on the grass of the wide median strip running down Semaphore road.

And then a walk along the beach as the sun was setting… then home… exhausted.

Of course, we took photos. Click to make ‘em bigger.

Sotos Fish Shop - best fish and chips FEED ME! Don't Fall In!

Largs Jetty Sun is setting Largs Jetty as the sun goes down

Largs Jetty Largs Jetty Gulls in Flight

Sunset over the beach Sunset over the beach

UK Satellite Image – Snow, anybody?

This satellite image has been doing the rounds a little recently, and has apparently made something of a splash in the UK, where the entire country from top to tail is covered in snow.

No, its not a “spot the polar bear” picture…. look closely.


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