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Hier ist ze view!

Ze hotel ve are stayink at in Lucerne has internet access and a PC (because I never again want to lug a laptop thru airport security).

Here is the view from our vindow in Luzern… (click for full size…. not pre-processed so big)

Und hier is vere ve vere yezterday: up mount Titlis: 10,000 feet, and in bright sunshine above the cloud layer. We all got sunburned. I felt lousy – the effects of oxygen deprivation are very wierd… slight headache, tiredness, and getting out of breath walking around. You have to REMEMBER to breathe more often and harder than normal…. Wierd.

No dumping for a while

Folks – the one or two readers left out there – things will be on hold for a while.

The dump family are on a long holiday, without computers and grudgingly taking mobile phones.

By the time this post appears, we’ll be somewhere in the big silver bird, heading off to spend a week and a bit in London doing the tourist thing and especially heading out to Bletchley Park, where the Enigma codes where broken during World War 2. And the chaps are taking us for a day in Legoland. Bliss!

From London we go to Berlin for a few days with my sister and her husband, and see the wee kiddie who must be about 2 or something now. For various reasons this will turn into something of a family gathering, with others of the family also being there at the same time.

From Berlin we head off into Switzerland – ending up in Lucerne (Luzern), with a possible side trip from Zurich out to Kilchberg, the home of Lindt Chocolate. Apparently factory tours are not available, which takes the gloss off this aspect a bit, but there is supposed to be a pretty flash Lindt shop where you can buy all the things they don’t sell in the various markets around the world. #2 son has declared this to be a chocolate trip – he wants to buy chocolate in every country we visit. This could be good or bad!

Lucerne is the base for a trip out to Engelberg, and then by cable car up Mount Titlis – at the top it’s about 3000 m above sea level and has permanent snow. We’ll hurl a few snowballs, peer into the glacier, and ride a rack railway.

From Lucerne, there is a long train journey to Grenoble in France for a work-related meeting, then TGV (high speed train) to Paris.

In Paris there are list of touristy things as long as your arm to do – my plan is to include a tour of the sewers. Sounds odd but why the heck not? I think t’other ‘alf has other ideas…

And eventually, from Paris, back home.

Normal service will resume sometime in October.


Two videos worth watching- this will take about an hour out of your day: Why you should not speak to police officers. And following from that talk, the reply by the police officer.

This is all presented by Americans, and based on US law. But in Australia there is still a right to remain silent, so the same principle applies.

All those mystery novels and detective shows on TV… some of the games played are closer to the truth than you might first think. Some of what the police officer has to say are confirmed by my previous Jury Duty 18 months or so ago.

Lesson: if interviewed, don’t say anything. At. All.

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